Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Scrapbook: Pure Childhood Innocence

I can't be sure how old the boys were in these pictures, as I didn't date the pages (shame on me)- but I remember the day clearly. It was early summer- I'm guessing June- so that would put Brian at 2 months and Corbin at 20 months. The air was still a little chilly but you could feel the summer sun's rays beating down. We were down by the ocean near my family's home that I grew up in (sad to say, they had to move a few years later and that home isn't in our family anymore- so weird).

Corbin found a stick and had so much fun just playing with the stick, running in the tall grass, watching the ocean. I told him the story of the "mermaid's lagoon"- a little inlet in the rocks that my sisters & I named- we were positive it was magical.

Brian was a chunky monkey already- breastfeeding at all times of all days lol. He seemed to already have a personality- he laughed so much and made everyone around him laugh too. He definitely had sensory issues, at so young, though. That point I won't deny. He hated the grass, and we would try to put his bare feet on the grass and he would pull his knees right up to his chest. I have a picture from that day, not included on these layouts, of him having tummy time in the grass- it was probably the highest he had pushed him up to that point- no way did he want his big baby cheeks to be touching that grass!

My Mom took these pictures with a new camera she had just got and was experimenting around with. They were, and remain, some of my favorite pictures. I remember looking at Corbin's and just being shocked at how old he was becoming. He was like a little boy- not a baby! I also loved the innocence she had captured. His wonderment in the little things of nature. I remember looking at Brian's picture and I couldn't believe how she had captured that twinkle in his eye, that second of pure joy plastered all over his face.

Oh, and the quote I chose for Brian's page- I had no clue how close to the truth that would be when I chose it.

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