Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting in the spirit

I love Christmas. Everything about it. It's the best season of the year. I love the extra time with my family- love the Christmas break- love working a job that follows my children's break. I love all the extra activities- getting out and seeing people we may not make the time for in our busy schedules. I love finding that perfect present for those perfect people in my life. I love the joy on my children's face as they see Santa (maybe not so much for Brian with Santa), see the lights, see the presents under the tree. I love the magic in the air, the feeling that anything can happen. I love being able to believe in miracles.

Maybe it's that last thought right there. Believing in miracles. This time of year I love to remind myself to be thankful. Sometimes it's hard to do that. Especially when you seem to be predisposed with anxiety and depression. Sometimes I see only what has been taken from my life, from Brian. The pain, the guilt, the unanswered questions. It's nice to remember what we've been given. Corbin, myself, Josh, and everyone touched by Brian's smile and infectious laughter, has been given the gifts of knowledge, patience, compassion, acceptance, and love that surpasses all "normal" circumstances.

So take time to slow down during the busiest season of the year to really look at our lives and to remember we are blessed.

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Cindy @ Marriedtothemilitary {dot} net said...

what a wonderful picture. I am always jealous though, you photograph so well.