Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second Day Success

Don't you hate when the ed tech rushes toward you at the end of the day with, "I'm so glad you're the one picking him up today, I have to talk to you!"?

I hate things like that.  I swear the three seconds between that and her next sentence seemed like an eternity as my brain turned out five thousand thoughts per second.  Was it a great thing?  Did he headbang?  Did he urinate all over the bathroom?  Did he spontaneously say something new??  Please don't give me bad news on only the second day of school.

She then proceeded to tell me this.....

Brian was the first one out to recess and he started running towards the play equipment.  Suddenly he stopped and turned around as if he was waiting for someone.  He soon spotted who it was and....wait for it....yelled his name.  This boy that he was waiting for is a godsend and was in his class last year- just a sweet, wonderful little soul. Brian ran over to him and said "swing" with a bunch of jargon mixed in there.  The boy joined him on the swings.  And they swung together.

Later he played on a rock with a little girl.  He couldn't figure out how to climb it and he held his hand out to her wanting help.  She helped him and spent time showing him how he could do it by himself.  Another classmate from last year, whom Brian seems to love.

Then in music the same boy from before was sitting in front of him and again Brian yelled out his name as if he wanted to tell him something.

Take a pause here.

This is the first time he has ever called a child by their name (not counting his brother) without verbal prompting.  And he did it twice today!

This is more independent social interaction (on the second day of school) than he has done in all three previous school years combined.

I honestly have chills.

That is how I hope to be greeted every day after school!


Jen Troester said...

That is unbelievable...I am so happy for him, and for you getting that joy on only day 2!!!!!

StephsTwoGirls said...

Yay! Happy news, and we all love happy news :)