Monday, June 27, 2011

Our New Babysitter

Today marked another first for our family.

It was the first day with our new babysitter.

We've never used an outside babysitter.  I've always just had family or close friends do the job for me.

I found a wonderful girl who has just finished up her teaching degree in three years.  She's the oldest of six children who were all home-schooled.  She is a volunteer with the adult literacy program at the library.  And she's going back to school in the fall to get her Masters in Special Education.

Could she be any more perfect?

Today was only half-a-day of work and when I came home she was building a train track with Brian.  She told me that he gave her a hug during the day and even did some foot-tapping to her.  (Foot-tapping: one of Brian's OCD behaviors where he needs to tap both of your feet with his own feet.)  I think that's a good sign.

Then she tells me, "Corbin discovered one of my little quirks."

I stand there, waiting, thinking to myself: I knew she couldn't be perfect.

"He found out how much I like picking up rooms and finding homes for all the toys."

Sweet.  Jackpot.  She can clean any room in the house if she really wants to.

Seriously, I really like this girl.  She gives off such a great vibe.  She is certainly making this transition easier for the person who was having the hardest time with this change....ME.


Karen V. said...

You are killing me.  Picking up the toys?  Building train tracks?  And getting a masters in Special Education?  You've got some good karma going on there girl!  Can you send a little my way please? Very happy for you!  :)

Christina said...

Wow how on Earth did you get so lucky?????  That is awesome!!!!

Accidental Expert said...

Wow! How wonderful.  I need a babysitter like that. 

Heather said...

I actually found her on .  I always feel kind of embarrassed to say that- it's like saying I met my boyfriend on (but who knows- that might happen to me someday too!).  Honestly, she was offered another job and they could pay better but she told me she wanted the experience of working with a child with autism so she chose us.  She really is perfect!