Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Too Quiet Around Here...

I just got off the phone with my sister bragging about how much I had accomplished.

I had completely cleaned and reorganized the laundry/storage room.  I had also done the same to our outside "shed" and had moved the furniture around in the livingroom.

All the while Brian was hanging out in my room watching a movie he had picked out.

Or so I thought.

I had hung up the phone and decided to go check on my little angel.

As I climbed the stairs I heard the fan in the bathroom and assumed he was going to the bathroom (if the light is on the fan needs to be on according to Brian).

I open the bathroom door and instantly inhale a thick cloud of something....

Brian is trying to stand up on the floor but is slipping and sliding everywhere.

There is a white film hanging in the air and on the floor, toilet, sink, mirror, radio, toiletries, EVERYTHING.

That's a red hair dryer- it's not meant to have white speckles.
And lying on the shelf is the culprit- a bottle of spray-on sunscreen.

I keep my ancient CD player in the bathroom- it's still working
even after this sunscreen bath.  It's a keeper.
The very same sunscreen I had tried to find in the morning and couldn't.  The little bugger was probably hiding it for the opportune moment.


Tessa aka Mama Apples said...

I always worry when it gets quiet--always.

Karlatrx said...

Argh!  My son did something similar with white spray paint.  On my porch, screens, and the trunk of my dark green car.  Sigh.

Karen V. said...

Never - ever trust the quiet!  ;)

Heather said...

oh gosh-  i can not complain then- at least the sunscreen was somewhat easy to clean lol