Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Corbin's First Tooth!

Corbin was quite upset when his baby brother lost his first tooth before him. Now he has officially caught up by losing his first one!

Unfortunately, he has no clue when or where he lost it. So just like Brian's first tooth, I don't have it to save it.

He wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy tonight to explain the situation.

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost my tooth and I can not find it but I still want money. So just put it on my hand or my belly or anywhere on my body. Or you can put it anywhere you want, just not in a hard spot. Okay, tooth fairy?
I think I lost it at my Dad's, so look there first, then look at my Mom's. You might need to look everywhere outside. Please.

Good night, Corbin

P.S. I said good night because you sleep during the day because you are awake at night.