Sunday, October 4, 2009

Final Horse Show

Yesterday was the End of the Year Horse Show at Freedom Riders. Brian hasn't been able to attend his weekly riding lesson since school has started- it just didn't fit into our schedule and being almost the end of the season they couldn't change his time slot. Yet, of course, they allowed him to participate in this last show.
Since it had been a few weeks since we have been to the stables I was a little bit apprehensive about how he would do. No need to worry. As soon as we pulled in, his face lit up, and he couldn't get on his horse quick enough. He was lucky, too, to still have his favorite horse to ride, Xanadu.
Seeing him climb on that horse and beam this incredible smile out to the audience brought tears to my eyes. I love that he has an activity that he gets so much joy from! Not to mention the fun that he realizes he is having he is also working on his balance, core strength, receptive language, expressive language, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, confidence, and more.


Cindy @ Marriedtothemilitary {dot} net said...

that is great. Looks like he had alot of fun.

Christina said...

Beautiful horse! And it looks like he's very proud of himself!

Cindy said...

that is great. Looks like he had alot of fun.