Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drinking from Invisible Glasses

Today Corbin surprised me by building me a beautiful house. A house made of pillows and blankets in the middle of our livingroom. I climbed inside and immediately Brian & Corbin joined me. I welcomed my guests and told them to make themselves comfortable and I'd get some "cake & tea".

Brian started to climb out of the fort towards the kitchen saying, "Cake, cake". I gently pulled him back in and said, "We're pretending Brian!" I handed Corbin some invisible cake and I took a bite of mine. I handed Brian a piece and he bit into it, imitating Corbin & myself. Not a surprise- nothing new there, he is a mimic.

Next I turned to Brian and said, "Would you like a drink?" Brian said, "Drink." But he didn't move towards the kitchen this time. I handed him an imaginary glass, he lifted the "glass" to his lips, and made an exagerrated swallowing sound. Completely independent. He didn't see anyone do that first. He caught on to our game and PRETENDED to drink from an IMAGINARY glass.

Huge, just huge.


Christina said...

WOW!! Awesome! He is amazing.

Unknown said...

Oh, this is so sweet! :)

Michelle said...

Wow that's HUGE!!!! WTG Brian!!!

Crystal said...

Oh, this is so sweet! :)