Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Moving into 2013

Looking back at the past year I realize my blog looks quite sparse..

In reality it was a busy year filled with new relationships, camping trips to national parks, meeting professional goals and expanding my knowledge in the occupational therapy field, going back to school (again) and then deciding to take a break from school, Brian learning so many new words and scripts, Corbin making me laugh every single day, my first real vacation since before I had kids thanks to finally having someone who likes to spoil me, a beautiful, healthy new niece, cheering Corbin on in his many athletic endeavors, cheering Brian on in the Special Olympics, moving into a beautiful new home, an 80s themed birthday party complete with a Rubiks Cube cake, love, love, love, oh and our engagement.

I look at my blog and realize so little of all of this was blogged.

I've never been one to say, "I'm done with blogging", but it's obvious that it has taken a backseat and I think it's because I don't always need my virtual sounding board anymore.

Not to say, I don't appreciate the people I have met through my blog over the years.  Some of you I cherish so much (you know who you are) as we have established friendships that I think go beyond blogging.

However, I am finally feeling really content with my life.  I have someone that I can share the trials and tribulations with and he is the first person I go to, rather than my blog, as it was in the past.

I'm still not going to say I'm done with blogging.  I still like to share those really big moments.  And I still like to vent on those really down moments.  It helps me to know that we aren't alone.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2013!!  Let's manifest less down moments, and more bragging moments.


Dani G said...

Love you!!

Happy New Year!

Tessa (Mama Apples) said...

I'm the same way. My blog has almost disappeared. I wish you and yours a wonderful and happy new year!