Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What to get a boy who only cares about trains?

Every year shopping for Christmas seems to be a bit more difficult for my boy.

First, let's start with the boring stuff.  Clothes.  What kid wants clothes for Christmas?  Too bad, it's going to happen.

I do try to buy them clothes they'll enjoy and like...however, it is getting harder and harder to find Thomas the Train pajamas in Brian's size.  Don't the Thomas creators realize their biggest fan base is a bunch of children with autism...that are all getting older??  They should really work on expanding their products.  The poor boy is running around almost nightly in a Thomas PJ set that looks like booty shorts and a belly shirt.

And then I just realized yesterday, as I was perusing Soft, that he is already in their largest size they offer.  For those who don't know Soft is a great clothing company that offers clothes for kids with sensory difficulties.  These are seriously the only clothes that my boy will keep on, EVEN IN OUR HOME.  What do I do for him when he doesn't fit in those clothes anymore?

Babies, toddlers, preschoolers- there are tons of leggings and sweats that are CUTE for them.  After a certain age you just get jogging pants.  I haven't seen Pajama Jeans available in boys' styles yet.  Not sure if I really want to see that, but Brian probably would enjoy them.

Christmases past have given Brian a lot of sensory items- he has received collapsible tunnels, compression tunnels, weighted blankets, swings, trampolines, and more.  There's not much left there that he needs anymore.

As far as toys are concerned, well Brian doesn't have much of an interest beyond trains.  I can bring Brian into any toy store and he will sniff out the trains.  And he will only want those trains.  I can take him into a toy store without trains and he will walk out empty-handed without a single complaint.

I try to get him toys that are educational or would help him with pretend play or are train-related but not an actual train.  He'll look at them.  They might get played with for one 10-minute session.  And then they collect dust.

They never get played with again.

I will most likely buy him more trains...it means an awful lot to me that he has that moment of happiness on Christmas morning.  That smile he'll have when he unwraps yet another Thomas train will make my week, for sure.

What are you buying your little ones for Christmas this year?

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