Sunday, November 11, 2012

Language Modeler

Last night in the car Corbin yelled out, "Look at the beautiful rainbow!".

It was pitch dark but this is often how conversations begin in our family.  Corbin blurts out something that has no meaning or makes zero sense.

I responded, "A rainbow?  Corbin, it's dark out."

Corbin answered, "Yes, look at it!  It's beautiful!"

Then Brian pipes up, "RAINBOW!"

"You see it too, Brian?  Are you both hallucinating?"

Brian yells, "Rainbow!  Look!  Rainbow!"

Corbin says, "Isn't it beautiful?", while snickering under his breath.

"Guys, there is no rainbow!  Corbin, now Brian is going to thinks stars are called rainbows."

Corbin laughs some more, "How do you not see it?? A beautiful rainbow!"

Brian laughs, "Rainbow!  Rainbow!"

I sigh, concede, and say, "What a beautiful rainbow."

Brian is screwed with Corbin as a model for typical language.

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Lana Rush said...

Who cares?? It's language! I'll take it! Right??? :)