Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moments Like These

 Yesterday Brian decided he wanted a balloon animal.

We were at an event raising money for our local Humane Society when he became fascinated with the balloon artist.

The artist had several different examples of things he could make hanging from his tent.  

I asked Brian which one he would like and he promptly pointed to the green octopus and answered, "Octopus".

The balloon artist asked him what color he wanted.

He pondered for a second and answered, "Blue".

It was one of those moments that I wanted to just yell to every stranger within a twenty-foot radiance, "Did you hear what he just said??"

It wasn't necessarily the word itself as he has been able to label colors for a long time.  It was the combination of the fact that he answered a stranger without me having to intervene and that he really thought about it and didn't just say the color of the octopus that was on display.

I just don't get how everyone around us wasn't celebrating. 

And it's moments like that that you realize how much autism exemplifies those little moments.  And how much more one can appreciate the little things when autism has been such an integral part of your life.

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Rebecca Smith Waddell said...

I am cheering! I noticed in the waiting room that Brian was talking more and wondered if I should comment or not because it is very cool to see and I just love how cheerful he is, but I am also not really intentionally watching him or anything it is just fun to see him in the waiting room. I know from experience that it is amazing when your child actually answers someone without having to intervene. Not everyone gets it, but go ahead and celebrate because it is awesome and wonderful!