Saturday, July 28, 2012

Letting Go of Ideals

When you have children you have to let go of ideals.

You might have pictured you would easily give birth with no pain medications needed, breastfeed with ease, and would never watch your child watch television.

Sometimes those ideals happen for us, making us very happy.  
Sometimes they don't.

Sometimes the real world comes into play.

Sometimes you have to let go of control to experience the true joys of having a child.

We just recently moved into a beautiful home (we're so happy!) and I wanted to make sure it stays beautiful (I can see all of you autism Mama's shaking your head with laughter right now).

The first week we were here the boys took their first bath.

I walked in to find bubbles all over the walls and the marble floor.

My very first instinct was to yell.  To take them out of the bath and make them help me clean up the mess.

However, I'm so happy I was able to stop myself and take the moment in.

My boys were laughing.  

Corbin would throw bubbles at Brian and Brian would laugh.

Brian would then reciprocate and throw bubbles back.  They would both laugh.

They took turns using the monster squirters to squirt each other.

They were playing.

Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing is more important than that.


Mama Apples said...

Congratulations on your new home and messy reciprocal interaction.  

Lana Rush said...

I loved reading this!  Genuine back and forth play!  So glad you relished the moment.  And BTW - LOVE that tub!! :)

StephcsTwoGirls said...

Yay! Happy to hear you're happy! House won't stay looking perfect forever anyhow - but that's what makes it a home. enjoy x

Tammy said...

Sometimes it's hard to say something that is bubbling to come out. As a mom, you want to, but as a mom of an autistic child, you can't.  You look at the behavior and see him doing something that you've been trying to get him to do, even if it's not when, where or how you want it done.