Sunday, May 6, 2012

Most Improved Student

Brian was chosen as one of his school's most improved students.

Wow.  I was speechless when I pulled this out of his bag a couple of weeks ago.

Initially I was so proud of my little boy.  Since December he has become a pro at addition- now adding up to three numbers at a time.  He is writing words from memory, reading more words, and using much more language than he was previously.

Then, I started to become very proud of his school.  Proud that they made the changes I fought for so he could make this growth.  Proud that they were using new curricula with him that was making a huge difference in the way he was learning.  Proud that they started realizing his potential and pushing the academic stuff.

And so extremely proud that they chose my little boy who is "functionally non-verbal" and has "moderate-to-severe autism" to be a most improved student.  So proud they could look past those labels and see his growth even if it's not the growth of his typical peers.  His growth may not be typical but it has taken a lot of hard work on his part and I don't think there is anyone that could deserve it more.

Thank you!! You made one extremely proud mama.

Brian will be honored along with many other students from across the state of Maine on the field at a minor league baseball game.  That will be a whole other post! 

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Lana Rush said...

And you should be proud - of all those things!  That is a big dadgum deal all the way around!  :)