Thursday, February 4, 2010


Amid all the imaginary gun-play, crude fart & burp jokes, and trading Bakugans I catch glimpses of the man that I hope my son will turn into one day.

Corbin went to see Avatar with one of his friends and Josh. At one point in the movie the "bad guys" come in and destroy the Na'vi's Hometree- a gigantic tree that is made up of intricate living quarters that is inhabited by an entire clan. The special effects are amazing in this scene, things blowing up, chaos, all the makings of any boy's favorite movie. Corbin's friend yelled out, "This is awesome!", obviously taking in by all the afore-mentioned effects. My young man retorted, "That is NOT awesome! They ruined their home- that is horrible!", all while making little sniffle sounds from his nose.

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Christina said...

Awh, he is such a great little guy!