Thursday, December 26, 2013

Growth & Hope

Sometimes it's hard to see how far he has really come.  There are everyday frustrations and to accept autism is to know that there will always be frustrations.  Some that come and go, some that stick around for years, some that will pop up out of nowhere.

But in general this whole autism thing is going good.  We've got it down these days and this boy always amazes me.

Christmas isn't always the happiest of days for families on the spectrum.  Routine is thrown off.  Senses are overloaded with smells, noises, and lights.  Lots of people are around wanting to talk to you and hug you.

We've definitely had holidays in the past that were less than happy.  Full of tears and confusion.  But those are like distant memories now.

It's been a couple of years since Brian has had a really hard time with Christmas and each one always tops the previous one.

We only had tears one time yesterday and it was when we didn't let him immediately set up the new electric train track he got.  He was upset but he just whimpered lightly and soon came out of it while he opened the rest of his presents.

I saw a post yesterday from one of my new friends, the mom was exasperated by how off and upset her young boy with autism was from the day's festivities.  And it really made me reflect on Brian's growth but also made me feel like I could offer her hope, which is the best gift I could give anyone on Christmas.

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Jen Troester said...

K is always super off during any big festivities, and probably spent more time yesterday either crying or in her room, than she did actually with us, BUT, I've come to accept that's just how it is for her, and her particular brand of autism-driven anxiety. I just let her do what she needs to do, and don't get upset when she gets upset..,THAT growth on my part has probably been the biggest deal. I see a lot of statuses from other autism parents who think the holidays are ruined if their kid has a hard time, or that one good moment is such this dramatic thing. It's hard to explain, but it's just life to drama, no surprises when things go good or just IS. It's good to get to the point when you just are really in the flow, and it's all OK.