Saturday, March 7, 2009

Still Alive

Just wanted to let all my readers know that yes, I am alive. We're having home computer troubles and I haven't been able to get online in a couple of weeks.

A quick update on things-

* I have a meeting scheduled next week for our transition to the new preschool- but now as it approaches I'm second-guessing myself and not really sure it's what I want to pursue. By the time Brian is able to start there there will only be about ten-twelve weeks left of school. Knowing Brian and how he is when starting a new program he'll have four-five weeks of regression and getting use to the transition- is it even worth it? I'm not sure and I need to do some real soul-searching before Friday to make up my mind.

* Brian is on the cusp of speech. I can just feel it. He has just come out with so many amazing things these past couple of weeks. He got caught READING his favorite book, "Hickory, Dickory, Tickle & Bounce" to himself in his bedroom yesterday. The right rhythm, amount of words, just pronounciation way off. He is "reading" Brown Bear quite well. He is answering the TV all the time lately lol. He is putting words together- "good morning", "yes I do", "open the door". He is just amazing me.

* We missed Lost this past week. That's monumental- I don't know how I let it happen. LOL, okay so we went to a Harlem Rockets game, as a family with my parents and a couple of Josh's neices & nephews- very fun! Brian did soooo well- he has become very sensitive to audiological input lately and he covered his ears for much of the game but sat with us and clapped during parts. About one minute left of the game and he lost it, did NOT want to sit any longer so I took him out early- only to find out about five seconds after the team invited the stands onto the floor to dance- he would of loved that! Corbin very much enjoyed the game- he got to meet the team at his school earlier in the day and actually won a game against them :) He had his shirt autographed by "The Finisher" and was very excited about it.

* I've been redoing the bedrooms in the apartment- new bedding for everyone and a new bed for Brian. He's still in a toddler bed but will be transitioning to a new big boy twin bed soon. Corbin did his room in a sports theme and of course Brian's is going to be a transportation theme.

* On the sick front- today is day FIFTEEN of me being sick and having lost my voice. It's definitely better today but still not 100 percent- ridiculous!! I'm ready for it to be over, and while I'm listing things I'm ready to be gone- SPRING get here already!!!

I'm sure tons more has happened over the past two weeks but off the top of my head that seems to be all I can think of. Hope everyone is doing well and crossing my fingers that I'll be rejoining the blog world soon!