Saturday, September 28, 2013

These Moments.

We were standing at the bathroom sinks brushing our teeth when Brian started stomping his feet in a rhythmic manner.

I watched him and when he stopped he smiled at me.  It was a smile of invitation to play.

So I stomped my feet back in the same pattern.

The reciprocal stomping went on for several more rounds when he decided to add in a spin.

I continued to repeat after him, both of us grinning from ear to ear.

The next spin was accompanied by him speaking the words, "Turn Around". 

It's moments like these, that sneak into the mundane routine of the day, that you miss if you're not living in the moment.

It's moments like these that will keep me smiling for at least a week.  The memory of this moment will push me through the tantrums, the SIBs, the cleaning of the bathroom. ..

These are the moments I live for.

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