Wednesday, February 20, 2013

He Needed Me.

The boys had been asleep for about three hours.

Usually, I'd be asleep immediately after them.

However, being vacation I was being a party animal and having a Fringe marathon with Colin.  Everything was going great in the world of alternate universes when I thought I heard a small "Mom" come from the bedroom next door.

I had Colin turn off the volume and sure enough there came a second "MOM" even louder.

"MOM"s in the middle of the night are never a good thing.  It can only mean nightmares or they're sick.

What was special about this "MOM" was that it didn't come from my oldest.  It came from Brian.

And though a part of me was worried about what I would find in the bedroom next door a much bigger part of me was rejoicing.

Brian loves to repeat the word "Mom" over and over throughout the day.  He just says it though.  Sometimes he'll say it when I come home from work.  Other times he'll just say it in the mirror over and over.

This time Brian called my name because he needed me.  He woke himself up from coughing so hard and his first reaction was to call for me.  Brian called for me.