Friday, November 23, 2012

The Magic Of Christmas

Yes, I know...Thanksgiving was just yesterday.  It's too early for this stuff...bah-humbug.

However, Santa came to town today.

Arrived in the harbor on a Coast Guard boat.

I wasn't sure if I was going to bring the boys down so I felt it out with Brian first.

"Brian, do you want to see Santa today?"

"Santa! YES!"

So that was decided.  We were going.

When it was time to go he got dressed without a single complaint.  We walked down to the harbor, passing his favorite toy store...he hesitated.  I told him that if we went in we would miss Santa's arrival.

He continued walking.

He hung out on the pier not taking his eyes off of the ocean and he waved and smiled when he saw the Coast Guard boat pull in.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me INTO the crowd so he could get up close to Santa.

He went right up to Santa and tried to rub his gloved hand on Santa's red suit.

He posed for a picture.

On the walk home we stopped at the toy store.  Brian pointed to a train set way up high on the shelf.  I said, "Not today but you could put it on your list to Santa."

He smiled and said, "Yes, Santa."

He turned around and was ready to leave the store.

We had at least three situations in that hour  that would, on a normal day, generate crying and maybe some foot-stomping.

I think he's finally bought in to this whole Santa thing...

 and I couldn't be more excited!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Count Your Blessings.

 Count your blessings.

A wonderful, warm home.

Lovely chaos that make me laugh everyday.

Words flowing from the mouths of my babes.

Flowers delivered to me on a weekly basis.

A home full of family on Thanksgiving.

A career that is fulfilling.

Friends that lift me up with a simple hug or joke.

A longing to live life to it's fullest.

A partner who gets me.

A place in his arms that feels like home.

A boy that decides to empty his piggy bank and his
toy box for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

A boy that puts his little hands on your cheeks and rubs his nose
against yours to tell you that he loves you, as the words don't come that easily.

Sisters that are always there when times get tough.

Parents who are your biggest cheerleaders.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Language Modeler

Last night in the car Corbin yelled out, "Look at the beautiful rainbow!".

It was pitch dark but this is often how conversations begin in our family.  Corbin blurts out something that has no meaning or makes zero sense.

I responded, "A rainbow?  Corbin, it's dark out."

Corbin answered, "Yes, look at it!  It's beautiful!"

Then Brian pipes up, "RAINBOW!"

"You see it too, Brian?  Are you both hallucinating?"

Brian yells, "Rainbow!  Look!  Rainbow!"

Corbin says, "Isn't it beautiful?", while snickering under his breath.

"Guys, there is no rainbow!  Corbin, now Brian is going to thinks stars are called rainbows."

Corbin laughs some more, "How do you not see it?? A beautiful rainbow!"

Brian laughs, "Rainbow!  Rainbow!"

I sigh, concede, and say, "What a beautiful rainbow."

Brian is screwed with Corbin as a model for typical language.